Lernabit is a social network designed to expand your mind

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A better social network

We eliminated the bad parts about social media

No paywall

Some platforms limit the number of free articles you can read. On Lernabit, you can browse as much as you want, free of charge.

No registration wall

Some websites keep bugging you with obnoxious popups asking you to create an account. You won't find that on Lernabit.

Simple privacy

A private note can only be seen by you. A public note can be seen by anyone. That's it. No complicated or confusing privacy settings.

Open Minded

Lernabit doesn't try to guess what content you want to see. See all of the content and explore different points of view.

Better incentives

Lernabit is not driven by ad clicks or shareholders. Yes, we are a for-profit company, but we make money from our own shop selling educational products for adults. So while other social networks promote fear and toxic rage to make you click more ads, our incentive is to encourage knowledge and exploration.

For thinkers and explorers

Lernabit is designed to encourage thinking, learning, and sharing

Add notes to your review list

If you find a note you like, add it to your review list. Lernabit will show it again when it is time to review it so you gradually learn the information.

Ask questions

Ask and answer questions in the special Q&A section. To ask a question, just create a note with a title phrased in the form of a question.

Learn new skills

Browse a special section just for How To articles. To write a How To, just give your note a title starting with "How to..."


Add a wide variety of different content types to your notes
More coming soon!

Fully interactive

Built to create conversations that matter

Everything is a note

On other social networks, you are limited to a minimal amount of content, and replies are usually limited to text only. On Lernabit, everything is a complete note. You can reply to a note, and your reply is itself a note that other people can reply to. Q&A and How To are also notes. Every piece of content is an opportunity to share knowledge and have detailed conversations. No more oversimplifying complex viewpoints into a few sentences.

Many ways to use it

Lernabit is intentionally built to be flexible so you can use it how you want

A note taking app

Use it as a note taking app built for learning. Make your notes private or share them with the world!

A social network

Read content from other people and leave a reply. Every reply is itself a complete note, allowing everyone to have meaningful conversations.

A blogging tool

Notes on Lernabit have no limit to length, so you can use it as a complete blogging platform. People who love your content can add it to their review list to read it again later!

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