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How it works


Use Lernabit to take notes about the things you learn


Lernabit creates a review schedule for your notes and lets you know when it is time to review them


You review the notes and mark them as "complete". Lernabit schedules a new review time and the information works its way into your long term memory

Pick your topic

See how Lernabit can help you learn your favorite topics

Learn new words

Write down the new words you learn

Practice pronunciation

Attach audio to your notes to practice and review correct pronunciation

Create word associations

Add an image to your note to associate words with real world objects

Study great works of art

Save images of famous artwork with a description

Add context to the art

Add text to understand the cultural influences that changed art over the years

Learn about the artists

Save notes about the lives of the artists behind the art

Memorize vocabulary

Save and remember important terminology

Save diagrams

Use the image attachment feature to save important diagrams

Understand the deeper concepts

Create your own lectures with audio and up to 10,000 characters of text to understand complicated topics

Study important facts

Keep notes about important events and people in history

A new way to experience history

With the image attachment feature, you will never experience a museum the same way again

Support charities while you learn

Education is an important component of economic mobility and social well-being. That's why we give a portion of all profits from Lernabit to help charities focused on making education accessible to people around the world.