Learn And Remember The Topics You Care About

Create and share notes about any topic. Be notified when it's time to review them.


Learn new topics

Lernabit makes it easy to quickly take notes about what you learn. Our system will automatically create a review schedule so you never forget what you've learned.


Teach others while you study

Share your notes publicly so others can remember it with just one click. Or make your note private so only you can see it.


Never Lose Your Notes

Tag your notes with hashtags to quickly categorize them and explore related information.


Multiple Formats

Learn more effectively by creating notes in text or audio format. (More formats are coming soon)


Flexible Note Taking

Notes can be anything ranging from trivia and factoids to blog post length explanations. Take notes in a way that works for you.


Support charities

We give 5% of our profits to charities focused on education around the world. You can help educate the world just by using Lernabit.