Remember more of what you learn about any topic

Lernabit is a powerful memorization app that helps you move information into your long term memory. With other note taking apps, you write things down and forget about them. That's fine for phone numbers, addresses, and other things you can look up when you need them, but it doesn't work for information that you have to know from memory. For that, there's Lernabit.

When you learn something new, simply create a new note in Lernabit. Then our system will create a review schedule and remind you to come back and review that note. By regularly reviewing the note, you gradually move the information into your long term memory.

Whether you need to know something for your job, study for a test, or if you just like to learn new things, Lernabit will help you learn it.

Our story

A good education helps people give back to their communities by empowering them to develop solutions to their problems, whatever those problems might be. Lernabit is an effort to make education more accessible and more effective to people around the world by creating solutions to the individual education needs of each person.

For some people, that means building an app to help them study. For others, it means using some of our profits to help build a school or provide supplies. Everyone has different education needs, and Lernabit provides the solutions so people can go out and use their knowledge to change the world for the better.

There is the old saying that a rising tide raises all boats. Nowhere is that more true than with education. Accessible education is good for everyone, so the best way to help a lot of people is to create radical improvements in how people learn. That’s what Lernabit does.

Awesome Features To Help You Learn

Automatic Review Scheduling

Lernabit makes it easy to quickly take notes about what you learn. Our system will automatically create a review schedule and remind you to review your notes so you never forget what you've learned.

Take Notes In Multiple Formats

Learn more effectively by attaching images or audio to your notes.

Never Lose Your Notes

Our powerful search makes it easy to find your notes no matter how long ago you created them.

Building A Community Of Learners

Public Or Private. You Choose.

Make your notes private so only you see them, or make them public to share your knowledge with others.

Learn From Others With One Click

Browse public notes created by other people and add them to your review list with one click.