Creating a culture of knowledge

Hello, and welcome to Lernabit!

I started Lernabit because I have always had a passion for learning new things. But over the years, I became frustrated that most apps and products for learning are designed for and targeted toward children. Or, if a knowledge app is targeted at a more mature audience, then it almost always has a scholarly, academic, or even "Ivy League" feel. But personally, I think learning should be fun, even for adults, so I built Lernabit!

My mission for Lernabit is to encourage a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning while still having fun. You can think of it as one part note-taking app, one-part blogging tool, and one-part social network, all designed to help you learn.

It achieves this flexibility because everything on Lernabit is a note, including replies. That means you don't have to oversimplify complex ideas into a snippet of text. Instead, you can reply using the full capabilities of the note editor. Because of this feature, Lernabit allows everyone to have constructive conversations and share complex ideas.

If other social networks feel like a waste of time to you, I hope you will give Lernabit a try.

Aaron Wright,
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