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Learn Italian: People And Titles

When referring to other people in Italian, it is good to know words like, "man", "woman", and "mr" or "mrs." So let's learn some of these words. This is also a good time to learn some basic usage of plurals in Italian, so I'll give different variations of each word depending on how many people it is referring to. Man l'uomo Men gli uomini Woman la donna Women le donne Gentleman il signore Mature Lady la signora Mature ladies le signore - Compare il signore and le signore Young woman la signorina Which one should you use? - In English, whether to call someone Ms., Miss, or Mrs. is based on marital status. In Italian it is a bit different. - A young unmarried woman is called signorina - A mature woman or a married woman is always called a signora. - When in doubt, it is better to use signora, because it is considered impolite to call a mature woman signorina Boy il ragazzo Boys i ragazzi Girl la ragazza Girls le ragazze Small boy il bambino - Can refer to a small boy or "child" as a general concept. Small child of unspecified gender bambino Boys i bambini Little girl la bambina Little girls le bambine Which one you use depends on the age of the child Older children are referred to by ragazzo/ragazza. Small children are called bambino/bambina Crowds of children of children can be referred to by different words depending on the genders of the children. If the crowd is all boys, they are treated as all boys. If the crowd is all girls, they are treated as all girls. But if the crowd is a mix of boys and girls, they are treated as all boys. Ex. A crowd of toddler boys would be i bambini A crowd of toddler girls would be le bambine A crowd of toddlers of different genders would be i bambini italian language

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