Help Lernabit launch a new line of educational products for adults

TL;DR - I've launched a GoFundMe campaign to build educational products for adults:

Lernabit is a mission-driven company. From day one, that mission has been to make education more accessible and more effective for everyone, and Lernabit Notes is a core component of how I plan to achieve that. This year has been very productive in terms of progress and improvements to Notes, including the rollout of Note Blocks. Note Blocks makes it easy to create notes with text, images, audio, and headings, plus more block types that are in the works. The ability to save, share and remember knowledge is at the foundation of any learning experience.

That being said, taking notes is not the only component of an educational experience. Taking notes or sharing knowledge can only happen after you've actually learned something, and that is where there is a major shortcoming in the world of self-learning. Yes, there are plenty of educational toys out there. Take a walk through any major bookstore now and you will find educational toys for children. There are also places where you can go to buy professional laboratory and research equipment if you happen to have funding for such things. But there really aren't many places to find educational tools and toys at a level of quality and price range for the casual adult learner.

To fix that problem, Lernabit has launched a GoFundMe campaign to launch a line of educational products for adults. To make more efficient use of the funds, I've created a list of 10-12 different products that can all be made with a fairly basic set of equipment. That list of products includes items like:

* A notebook that is specially designed for makers and builders
* A workbook that implements a creative new way to learn a foreign language
* Various other notebooks and products related to note-taking

The funds from the campaign will be used to purchase the equipment to begin making those products and more.

In keeping with my mission to improve access to knowledge, this campaign comes with a "Pay-it-Forward Promise". If the campaign raises enough to buy the equipment that I need, I'll set aside some profits from the product sales to give back to other GoFundMe campaigns and charitable causes related to education until all of the money has been repaid. Not only will this increase the impact of your contribution, but it will help Lernabit rise to a level where it can be a stronger force for good to bring knowledge and learning to more people.

That has always been my mission with Lernabit. I want to create a world where knowledge is accessible to everyone and where critical thinking gets the respect it deserves. With your contribution and support, we can create that world together. Thank you!

Visit the GoFundMe campaign here:


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