Italian pronouns: Che, cui, il quale, and la quale

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Che - who, whom, that, which
Che is the most common. It stays the same for masculine and feminine as well as in the singular and plural. It can be used to indicate people or objects, but it cannot be used after a preposition.

Il libro che leggi è facile. => The book that you are reading is easy.
La bambina che dorme è Anna. => The girl who is sleeping is Ann.

Cui - which, whom
Can refer to people or things. Can be used after a preposition.

Ecco l'amico con cui viaggio => Here is the friend with whom I'm traveling.
La casa in cui abito è nuova. => The house in which I live is new.

Il quale, i quali, la quale, le quali - who, whom, which
Not as common as che and cui. More commonly used in writing and replace che or cui for added emphasis. Can be used alone or after a preposition.

Ecco la signora la quale ha detto che ti conosce! => Here is the lady who said that she knows you!


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