Updates to Lernabit - Dec. 8, 2021

I've published another round of updates to Lernabit. This new update adds support for more block types as well as some other new features.

Title and description can be added to image blocks

You can now add a title and description to your image blocks. This is not required, but it is recommended because that information is used in the search algorithm to help find your notes. This improvement makes it easier to find a note that only includes an image without any other content.

Improved support for link blocks

Link blocks were semi-introduced back when the blocks feature itself was introduced. However, up until now, support for them has been limited. The current update adds full support for link blocks on the website and in the Android app.

Added a user profile page

The user profile page is now up and running on the website. When you click on someone's username it takes you to their profile to see all public notes by that person.

Bug fixes and tweaks

Review button fix

This update fixes a bug in the review button that was causing notes on your review list to show the review button as if the note was not on your list.

Note page on the website

The content on the page to view a note has been spaced out a bit to make it feel less cluttered.


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