Transitive vs intransitive verbs

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A transitive verb is an action verb that has a direct object. Being an action verb means it is something that is done or something that happens. The direct object means it happens to someone or something. For example:

Louis threw the ball.
Threw is an action verb, ball is the direct object, so threw is a transitive verb.

Rocky punched Apollo Creed in the face.
Punched is the action verb, Apollo Creed is the direct object, so punched is a transitive verb.

An intransitive verb is also an action verb, but does not have a direct object. For example:

Bob runs 5 miles every day.
Runs is an action verb, but it doesn't happen to anyone or anything. He just runs. So runs is an intransitive verb.

The cat got startled and jumped high off the ground.
Jumped is an action verb, but there is no direct object, so jumped is intransitive.


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