8 tips on how to increase your dog’s happiness

Happiness should always be present in your household. You don’t need a grand reason to be happy because you can find happiness even in the smallest things. The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others including to your pet animals at home.

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If you have a dog, then you know better than others that it could give unending love, loyalty, and care to each member of your family. You must spread happiness in your home and make sure to include your dog’s happiness to your priority as well, so to help you fulfill this duty South Bellmore Veterinary Group prepared a few tips below for you:

Give your dog presents

You will definitely witness a cheerful and an excited dog each time you give it some presents. For example, giving them toys would really make them happy. You should also consider giving them a toy one at a time and store other newly bought toys on a safe container or cabinet so that every time they got bored with their current toys, you can take out your hidden toys and give it to your dog as if they were brand new. Buying a lot of toys for them on a regular basis might not be a practical idea, so use this step to save money as well.

Take your dog outside

Your dog also needs a change of scenery so might as well invite it for a walk outside or make a trip to the nearest park in your area. Create little adventures with your dog even if it’s just a short walk or a simple trip to the park and keep all the memories the both of you will be making, and that specific will make those short journeys worthwhile.

Conduct proper training

Teaching your dog a few tricks can also bring happiness because the both of you are going to spend time together while learning things. You can really create meaningful memories with your dog through its training. A dog can grasp new tricks in no time but if you’re unsure about the proper ways to train it, contact a certified pet trainer.

Wash your dog regularly

Your dog needs to be clean all the time so that it could feel refreshed and will not experience irritation or have allergens. If your dog is not used to taking a bath, wash it at least two to three times a month, and this gradual process could make your dog get used to it, but take into account the breed of your dog first.

Introduce your dog to new people/other animals

Meeting new people along with their pets can improve the self-esteem of your dog. However, some dogs can’t meet a lot of people and animals at the same time, so South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests doing this kind of activity one step a time while considering the personality of your dog as well.

Give your dog a proper and healthy diet

“You are what you eat”, so to make your dog healthy, you need to provide healthy foods to it. Knowing which foods are better for your dog requires some research and help from your veterinarian as well. Your dog’s age and weight should be regarded as main elements in determining the best foods for its healthy body and mind.

Provide professional care

Visit your veterinarian to give some professional care to your dog. You must be careful in choosing a vet because you don’t want to risk the entire well-being of your dog, right? So you need to find a trustworthy, reliable and an honest veterinarian like the South Bellmore Veterinary Group. You are advised to visit your veterinarian for every six months to maintain the healthy state of your dog.

Create a positive environment

You need to surround your dog with positive things so that it will grow into a fine animal. Fill your house and its surroundings with happiness, cheerfulness, positivity, and calmness. A dog will learn and adapt to how you view and do things in life, so be a better example and guide your dog to a brighter tomorrow.


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