Updates to Lernabit

Today a pretty big update was made to Lernabit. This update mostly focused on making it easier to browse notes and includes a couple of different ways to do that.

First, I've added a "Related Notes" feature. When you are on the website and looking at a note, in the right sidebar you will now see links to other notes similar to the one you are currently reading. The suggestions that appear there will get better over time as the suggestion algorithm gains more data.

Second, I've added support for hashtags. These work exactly like the hashtags you are used to from Twitter and other social media. I'll also mention that hashtags are not case-sensitive.

Third, I've added a new section on the website to browse the most recent notes from other people.

This update also includes a bug fix that was affecting the search tool on the website. The search page is now functioning correctly.

With these updates, it is easier to browse the website and read notes from other people. Also don't forget that if you see a note you like, you can add it to your review list and Lernabit will help you remember it.

Thanks for using Lernabit!


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