Introducing Note Blocks

NOTE: This content was originally published on the official Lernabit Blog on June 2, 2021. The Lernabit Blog has been removed and this was republished as a note. It is preserved because it is a good introduction to Lernabit.

Lernabit was built with the goal of creating a better way to remember more of what you learn. In line with that goal, today I am excited to announce a new and improved way to create content on Lernabit to create a rich learning experience.

Up until now, the way you saved content on Lernabit was to create Cards. With different types of Cards you were able to save different types of content. For example, a notecard could be used to write down things you learned, and a link card could be used to save interesting links.

This arrangment worked to some extent, but it had a number of problems. The main problem was that it limited the types of content that could be added to each card. If you created a link card, there was no way to add additional content to that card. And if you created a note card, you could copy a link into the notecard, but you would miss out on the features and benefits of saving the link in a link card. Today all of that is changing.

Goodbye to Cards, Hello to Note Blocks

The new feature is a full replacement for Cards, and it is called Note Blocks. Instead of saving content as different types of cards, now all you do is create a note. Within your note, you can add different types of content by adding blocks. There are different types of note blocks for different types of content, making it easy to add different media to your notes. To manage the content of your note, all you have to do is add a new block, then you can add content, reorder the blocks, delete a block, or anything else you want to do. Then to add more content to a note, just hit "Edit" and start adding more blocks!

Block Types

As of now, there are already four different block types available:

* Text block - For saving text content.
* Image block - For saving an image.
* Audio block - For saving an audio recording.
* Link block - For saving a link.

In addition to these block types, many more are on the way in the near future. These are just a few of the block types that will be added soon:

* Video block - For saving a video
* Code block - For saving computer code with clean formatting and syntax highlighting.
* Math block - For saving and displaying mathematical equations.

Development of these and many other block types is already in the works.

Your Cards are now Blocks

You might have noticed that the existing note block types all correspond to different types of Cards and attachments that were possible. This was planned so that all existing content could be migrated to the new system. As such, all of your Cards have been migrated into their respective block types. That is, your notecards have been converted to notes, and image and audio attachments were converted to image and audio blocks within the note. Likewise, any link cards you had were converted to notes and the link has now been saved as a link block. In short, you don't need to do anything to switch to the new system; everything has already been converted.

What's next?

While all existing cards have automatically been converted to notes, more improvements will be coming, including new block types and additional features.

How-To is Going Away... Sort of

With the new publishing system, another upcoming change is that the How-To articles will soon be going away. Instead, How-To articles can be written using the new note blocks system, and there will be a special section of Lernabit to find notes about How-To topics. This change will be coming in the near future and all How-To articles will be automatically converted to notes when that change takes place.

This change will simplify the Lernabit experience by using just one publishing system while still making it easy to browse how-to articles. The details of that change will be published in a future blog post when the time comes.


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