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- A popular species of #orchid, sometimes called the "moth orchid".

- Can be grown under fluorescent lights

- Grow in bright shade.

- Need warm temperature

- Should be repotted every 2-3 years.

- Popular species for beginners because they can be crossbred with closely related species to create hybrids that are very durable and forgiving of mistakes.

Some popular hybrids:

Arachnis x Phalaenopsis, abbreviated Arnps.
Ascocentrum x Doritis x Phalaenopsis, abbreviated Bdra.
Doritis x Phalaenopsis, abbreviated Dtps.
Phalaenopsis x Renanthera x Vanda, abbreviated Moir.
Phalaenopsis x Renanthera, abbreviated Rnthps.

#nature #botany #biology #gardening


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