5 Reasons To Be A Self-Taught Learner

For too many people, learning stops when they finish their formal education. But continuing to learn as a self-taught learner has many benefits long after you graduate from high school or college. Here are five great reasons to become a self-taught learner.

1. Do better in school

If you are a student there are obvious benefits to learning things on your own. For example if you study hard you are probably going to get better grades. But there are other benefits besides just getting better grades. Self-taught learning combined with a formal education will create a very powerful combination for learning more about the world around you.

In a formal education setting, whether that is in a public school or college, you can get a good education from teachers who know the subject matter very well. But self-taught learning has its own benefits, such as the ability to explore new topics and just go wherever your curiosity takes you. The new knowledge you gain from learning on your own can add a new perspective to the subjects you learn in school. So if you combine formal education and self-taught learning you can gain depth of knowledge from formal education while growing a broad knowledge of the world through self-taught learning and general curiosity.

2. Learn job skills

The world is changing fast. New technologies, automation, artificial intelligence, and globalization are making it harder to find and keep high paying jobs. Simply put, the future belongs to the people who are willing and able to learn new things on their own and keep up with the changing times. This has always been true but it is true now more than ever.

Many of the most common jobs in the United States including retail, secretary work, manufacturing, and truck driving are all jobs that are already being automated or will be in the near future. To keep up, it is and will be necessary to be constantly learning new skills. As a self-taught learner you can be constantly learning new job skills to keep up with the changing times, even long after you finish your formal education.

3. Feed your curiosity

We humans are very curious by nature. Even from a very young age we like to explore the world around us. In fact, scientists believe that playing, especially as children, is a way to feed our natural curiosity. It is a way to explore and better understand the world around us.

This natural curiosity does not have to stop when you get older. As a self-taught learner you can continue to grow and nurture your natural curiosity throughout life and maintain your childlike wonder of the world around you.

4. Make friends

Smart people like to hang out with other smart people. By making an effort to become a self-taught learner such as going to the library, visiting museums, and traveling, you can meet other smart people to hang out with and make new friends.

When you hang out with other smart people you can learn together, teach each other, and learn from each other. This also has a tendency to fuel your curiosity even more, making you realize just how much you don't know and driving you to want to learn even more.

Having a well-rounded education and a curious mind also just makes you a more interesting person. People like to hang out with people who have interesting stories and experiences, such as interesting books they have read, odd pieces of information that they know, and exciting travel experiences that they have. All of these things make great conversation starters and intriguing stories that can help you build new friendships.

5. Find new opportunities

You might have noticed that a lot of successful people are very smart. One reason this is true is because having curiosity helps you find new opportunities.

People who are always learning about new topics are more likely to find creative solutions to the world's problems. So a curious mind set with an ambitious attitude can help you find and take advantage of exciting new career, business, and investment opportunities that can move your life in a positive and exciting new direction.


Learning doesn't stop when your formal education comes to an end. In fact, the things you learn on your own-- either during school or later in life-- are often the things that create the most exciting opportunities to change your life for the better.


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