A screenshot of the DuckDuckGo homepage showing how to use the !lernabit bang symbol.
Aaron Wright
Jun. 13, 2019

Now You Can Search Your Notes From DuckDuckGo

There are many search engines out there besides Google. One of the most popular Google alternatives-- and my own personal favorite-- is DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a search engine focused on privacy, and personally I have found the search results to be as good as Google. As a fan of DuckDuckGo, I am excited to announce that now you can search your notes on Lernabit directly from the DuckDuckGo search engine using one of their coolest features: the bang symbol.

What is a bang symbol?

The bang symbol is a feature of DuckDuckGo that allows you to type your search into DuckDuckGo and redirect your search to any of thousands of different websites. Each website has its own unique bang symbol. Some popular ones are:

  • !w - Sends your search to Wikipedia
  • !g - Sends your search to Google
  • !yt - Sends your search to YouTube
  • !a - Sends your search to Amazon
  • !wa - Sends your search to WolframAlpha

Using a bang symbol is super easy. Just add the bang symbol into your search term. For example, to search Wikipedia for the term "volcano", you can go to DuckDuckGo and type in "volcano !w". DuckDuckGo will redirect your search to Wikipedia.

The Lernabit bang symbol: !lernabit

The new bang symbol for Lernabit is !lernabit. So if you wanted to search Lernabit for the term "cell biology", you could do that directly from DuckDuckGo by searching for "cell biology !lernabit". Your search will then be redirected to Lernabit and search Lernabit for that search term.

Your private notes stay private

It is important to point out that this feature does not give DuckDuckGo access to your private notes on Lernabit. When you use the !lernabit bang symbol, all it does is redirect your search request to Lernabit. The actual search still takes place on the Lernabit servers just as if you had directly gone to the search page on Lernabit and typed in your search term. Any private notes you have that appear in the search results will stay within Lernabit, and you would still have to be logged into Lernabit to see your private notes. The bang symbol is just a shortcut to make your search faster.

With the new !lernabit bang symbol, those of you who use DuckDuckGo can easily find your notes on Lernabit, including private notes, assuming you are logged in to Lernabit. The coolest search engine now has the power to search the greatest note taking app.

Click here to create your free account on Lernabit to start creating notes and remember more of what you learn!

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