Image of the GoFundMe page for the Lernabit campaign.
Aaron Wright
Nov. 20, 2018

Help Lernabit Grow By Supporting The GoFundMe Campaign

Most of my work on Lernabit so far has focused on product development. Given that Lernabit is an app to help you remember what you learn, then by its very nature it takes a long time to test out how well it works. Testing code is simple to do, but it takes much longer to determine how well Lernabit actually helps you remember things. After building, testing, and refining Lernabit for close to two years, I can say without any doubt that it does what it promises to do. Now I need money to help grow the business and get Lernabit in the hands of more people, and I'm asking for your help.


I have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1,000 to help kick start the growth of Lernabit. Here is how I plan to use the money.

Business setup costs

I need to file some routine legal documents to get Lernabit setup as a formal business structure. Up until this point I have been running it as a "full time side project". That is, I've been working on it as a full time job, but it has been entirely financed out of pocket and without any formal business arrangement. I need to file some paperwork to setup Lernabit as an LLC, which will cost around $300.

Operating costs

I'm also asking for $350 to help cover techincal operating costs like server space, domain name registration, and other technology costs. At my current rate, that money would cover those costs for another year. However, I expect those costs to increase as traffic picks up, but even if those costs double I would still be able to cover those costs for 6 months, and if Lernabit has that much traffic then theoretically it should be generating some income at that point.

Miscellaneous costs

There are a lot of other assorted odds and ends that will cost money, like hiring some help to do graphic design work, paying for some tools that are used to manage the site, and other such things. I'm allowing $300 to cover these expenses.

What is not included?

I will not be taking a salary from this money. I don't really need it right now and I don't want to ask for donations to pay my living expenses if I don't need it.

This money will also not be used for donations through Lernabit. I still want to give a portion of profits to charities, but that money will come from normal income into the business. The goal of this GoFundMe campaign is to get Lernabit to the point where it generates income that can be used for that purpose.

Thank you!

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Even if you can't give money or don't feel like it, simply sharing the GoFundMe page on social media would be incredibly helpful.

I'm excited about what Lernabit can accomplish. It is a powerful tool to help you learn while supporting charities focused on education, and I have not found anything else like it yet. With your help, I can make it even more awesome, reach a broader audience, and bring education to more people around the world. Thank you!

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