Embed Educational Videos From YouTube In Your Notes

Aaron Wright
Jun. 18, 2018

Lernabit is a note taking app designed for self learners. It helps you remember everything you learn about any topic. Now, you can even embed educational videos from YouTube in your notes to create rich media notecards.

Educational videos are some of the most powerful tools for self learners. With so many educational videos available on YouTube, you can learn a wide range of topics ranging from computer programming to history. Now, combined with the power of Lernabit, you can remember everything you learn from YouTube videos.

How to embed a YouTube video

Embedding a YouTube video in your notes is really easy. All you have to do is copy a link to the YouTube video and paste it into your note. Lernabit will automatically find the video on YouTube and embed a video player into your note when you view it.

Where will embedded videos appear?

When you embed a YouTube video, it will appear in the feed and on the dedicated page for that note. It will also appear when you review the note so you can watch the video without ever leaving your review session.

In any case, the video will have autoplay disabled. This is especially useful on mobile devices because it saves data and battery life. In addition, Lernabit is an app that is commonly used in libraries and other quiet places, so disabling autoplay helps prevent unexpected disturbances and distractions.

Lernabit helps you remember everything you learn, about any topic, from any source. The new video embed feature on Lernabit helps you get the most value out of the useful educational videos available on YouTube.

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