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Become Smarter With The Ultimate App For Self Learners

In our time of rapid change, an ability and willingness to become a lifelong learner is more important than ever. But if you are like most people, you sometimes become discouraged by the lack of structure in the self-learning process. Maybe you've tried to learn a foreign language and gave up after a few lessons. Perhaps you tried to take up computer programming to build your resume, but had trouble remembering it all. For these situations and a lot more, Lernabit can help you.

Specifically, Lernabit is a note taking app that helps you remember the stuff you learn. When you learn something new, write it down as a note in Lernabit. Then, our algorithm will create a review schedule and remind you when it is time to come back and study your notes. Over time, that information will gradually work its way into your long term memory.

This is much different than other note taking apps. With most note taking apps, you write down a note and forget it until you search for it or stumble across it. That's fine for phone numbers, addresses, and other things you can look up when you need them. But it doesn't work when you actually want to learn and remember the note content. Lernabit acts as a sort of buffer for your brain, giving you a place to quickly write down your note so you don't forget it, but also assisting with the longer process of making it a part of your long term knowledge.

According to brain research, a piece of information gets stored in your brain differently depending on how many times you have been exposed to it. The first few times you are exposed to information, it is only stored as chemical changes in the brain. After a brief period of time, those chemicals disperse and you forget the information. That's what short term memory does. The interesting part is that as you are exposed to a piece of information again and again, the underlying structure of the brain begins to change, and the information becomes stored in the physical structure of the brain itself. What this means is that in order to make something part of your long term memory, you have to keep studying it repeatedly. Lernabit helps with this process by reminding you to do it, but also by creating a schedule to help you review your notes more efficiently.

Lernabit has numerous features and benfits designed to make you smarter:

  • Public or private notes allow you to keep your knowledge private or share it with others
  • A “One click remember” feature that lets you add notes from other people to your own review list with one click
  • Full support for hashtags to help you easily categorize and explore topics
  • Powerful search that searches your own private notes and public notes from other people with one search